Robotex International 2018: Conference - Generation R

Are we learning machines or are machines learning us?

Pioneering discussion on applied robotics and the future of tech

These days, everyone is involved in tech – whether you’re building it, using it or actively avoiding it. Regardless of personal opinions, robotics and AI are revolutionizing all aspects of life from communication and transportation to health services and the military (just to name a few).

The future is only what we make it, which is why the Robotex International Conference encourages discussion on tangible frontier tech solutions with the potential to shape the future.

Robotex International Conference + Festival Pass 2=1 only €299!

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Who is it for?

Robotex International Conference brings together entrepreneurs and tech-lovers, who are:

involved in developing and implementing new solutions in applied robotics

affecting change in policy and the legal framework

investing in a new generation of tech-savvy engineers and data scientists

looking to expand their world-view and get their geek on

What are we talking about?

More like, what aren’t we talking about! Robotics and AI solutions are integral both to the public and private sector, not to mention education. That is why, Robotex International Conference 2018 will combine very different, yet still connected, talking points like:

Cyber Defence

Military Tech

Policy and Legal

Space Tech

Health Tech

Data Science

Conversational AI

Self-Driving Cars

Industry 4.0

STEAM education

Women in Tech

Education and Entrepreneurship

When and where?

The Robotex International Conference 2018 will take place November 30 – December 01 in the unique space of Tallinn Creative Hub (Kultuurikatel) in the city centre.

Check out the accommodation offers from Robotex partners and use the promo code “Robotex” for special deals.

How about tickets?

Buy your Conference Pass before June 1, 2018 and you can get 2 passes for the price of 1!

Conference Pass will grant you 2-day access to the conference venue at Tallinn Culture Hub AND 3-day access to the main venue at Fairs Centre, where we’ll be hosting the competitions, exhibition and workshops. It also gives you a chance to visit our satellite events.

Robotex International Conference + Festival Pass 2=1 only €299!

Roya Mahboob

CEO of Digital Citizen Fund

Andy Tang

Managing Director Draper Dragon Fund

Russ Fisher-Ives

President at Inquiry Facilitators Inc

Bruno Siciliano

Professor at Univ. Napoli Federico II

Dennis Mortensen

CEO and Founder at

Helen Tung

Advocate & Barrister. Legal Futurist

David Woessner

General Manager at Local Motors Inc.

Henrique Jorge

Founder and CEO of ETER9

Jeanette Quinlan

Director of Business Development at Akash Systems

Ulla Kruhse-Lehtonen

Co-founder of DAIN Studios

Regina Nijima

Singularity University Global Impact Challenges

Shane Curran

Founder at Muon

Ayesha Khanna

Co-Founder and CEO of ADDO AI

Zara Khanna

Founder of Octa

More speakers coming soon!

Robotex International Conference + Festival Pass 2=1 only €299!

At the moment, Starship Technologies is operating a global fleet of autonomous delivery robots. But it all started a long time ago when our founder Ahti Heinla participated in a robotic football competition at Robotex. Thank you!

Kristjan KorjusStarship

Robotex? What an outstanding program promoting open ended robotics for all ages. They are so good, we at RoboRAVE International are now partnering with them through two shared challenges, Entrepreneurial & Sumo. Come play at both!

Russ Fisher-IvesRoboRAVE

Robotex gathers robotics enthusiasts of all ages from different places in the world; it showcases the latest innovations; it represents a space to learn the skills and reflect on the importance of robotics; and it offers diverse competitions to test your skills, no matter if you are a beginner or an expert.

Yu HuMakeBlock

We had the opportunity to come for the first time to Estonia and participate in the Robotex festival to show the talents of Afghan teenager thanks to which we had the chance to win the Entrepreneurship Challenge. I could see that our team was so excited about this. We are thankful to the organizer!

Roya MahboobAfghan Citadel Software Company

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